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Hi I’m Nikki James owner of Nikki Face. I have been part of the beauty industry for 10+ years . I specialize in natural and soft glam. I’m known for my polished looks, and ability to enhance beauty that’s already there. Throughout the years I’ve been sought out for “lash stacking” otherwise known as customizing lash bands for any eye shape. Overtime I had the pleasure of creating some unique, one of a kind lash looks. I didn’t realize that this would eventually create a frustration for my clients who wanted my lash styles on a regular basis AND just like that, I began to create a lash line. This company started with 12 different lash styles knowing one style doesn’t fit all however, I couldn’t stop there. Soft glam nude shades are my most request lip look so I set out to find the perfect nude lip for each skin tone. So now I introduce you to the Nikki Face Lip Veil.

Lip glosses, and lipstick didn’t have the texture or the consistency I wanted for my clients. As someone that does a lot of bridal work I  found myself wanting to leave my brides with something they can quickly touch up their lip color with. I knew their face makeup would last but what about their lip color in between stolen kisses and champagne toast?  We now have a lip veil that pairs well with lip liners but, can also be worn without one. Our lip veils are hydrating and have a beautiful pigment that don’t leave a film or residue on their lips after hours of wear. I’ll let you in on a secret, I used my products on myself and my clients over time. What was once meant for my clients I now wanted to share with the world. The hardest part of keeping this new business venture quiet, was when clients would say “OoOoooh I love this lash” and not scream to the roof top it’s from my line. Shop Nikki Face has now become a growing beauty line my fellow makeup artist and makeup enthusiast love. 

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