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Apply your makeup like a pro. Soft cruelty-free vegan professional brushes that provide you with all the essential tools to complete your base makeup look. 

101. All Over Complexion Brush 

The All Over Complexion Brush is designed to handle it all. Use it for applying face powders. Blend setting powders, bronzer, and blush seamlessly.

102. Setting Brush 

The Setting Brush is a multitasking gem. It’s perfect for applying setting powder, highlighting, and even precise contouring. Making it a must-have for your brush collection 

103. Concealer Brush 

Conceal dark circles and imperfections and brighten up your under-eye effortlessly.

106. Buffing Brush 

Buff and blend cream-based products smoothly, creating a natural finish. 

107. Bronzer/ Blush Brush 

Expertly designed tool for achieving a sun-kissed glow and perfectly flushed cheeks.

109. Rounded Slant Buffer

The Rounded Slant Brush boasts a distinctive design that combines the benefits of a round brush for seamless blending and a slanted edge for precise application. 

110. Slanted Concealer Brush 

The Slanted Concealer Brush features a uniquely angled bristle design that effortlessly follows the contours of your face, making it perfect for precise concealer application. 

112. Contoured Foundation Brush 

The Contoured Foundation Brush is designed to fit the curves and contours of your face, promising an even application  and streak-free foundation. Try it with your cream blush and bronzer. 

119. Double Wedge Kabuki Brush 

The Double Wedge Kabuki Brush features a dual-sided design. Use  for foundation and for precise contouring and blending.