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Apply your makeup like a pro. Soft cruelty-free vegan professional brushes that provide you with all the essential tools to complete your eye makeup look. 


103. Concealer Brush 

Conceal dark circles and imperfections and brighten up your under-eye effortlessly.

104. Round Dome Blender 

It’s round dome-shaped bristles blend and soften edges for a polished finish. Blend in nose and eye contour with ease.

105. Definer

The Definer Brush is designed to give you the control and accuracy you need for creating precise lines and details in your makeup application. 

108. Dual-Sided Angle Brush & Spoolie 

Our Dual-Sided Brush includes a precision angled brush on one end for defining and shaping brows and a spoolie brush on the other end for blending and grooming brows to perfection. Use the angle brush to achieve the perfect eyeliner look. 

111. Tapered Blending Brush

A meticulously designed brush for beautifully blended eye looks. Build your crease/transition color with ease.

113. Shadow Brush 

The Shadow Brush features flat and tapered bristles for precise eyeshadow application. Achieve vibrant and pigmented eyeshadow looks with ease, whether you’re using powder or cream eyeshadows. 

114. Crease Brush 

Our Crease Brush Effortlessly fits into the crease of your eye for perfect placement and blending.

115. Pencil Brush 

The Pencil Brush has tight and pointed bristles perfect for precise eyeshadow application and creating defined lines. Add a pop of color or shimmer to the inner corner of your eye. Use for defining the lower lash line or smudging eyeliner for a smokey effect.

116. Lip / Detailer Brush

Use our Lip / Detailer Brush for precise lip product application, contouring, and blending, ensuring your lips look their best. Create beautiful ombré or gradient lip looks with ease.

117. Duo Fiber Concealer Brush

The Duo Fiber Concealer Brush allows controlled concealer coverage. Effortlessly conceal blemishes, redness, and imperfections. 

118. Large Shader Brush 

It can be used for applying eyeshadow on your lid with ease. Perfect for creating a variety of eye looks. Achieve bold and vibrant looks or soft glam.

120. Brow Brush & Lash Comb

Achieve perfectly groomed and defined brows with the Brow Brush. Use the Lash Comb to separate and define your lashes.